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Holly Day <lalena@bitstream.net>Wed, Oct 8, 2014 at 11:40 AM

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Dear Poetry Editor, Squawk Back:

Happy National Squirrel Awareness Month! I fervently hope that the fact that they’re being celebrated throughout October will make more people slow down when they see a squirrel crossing the street, instead of speeding up as many seem to do. It’s hard enough walking the dog at 6 a.m., bleary-eyed and shivering from the early-morning frost, without having to drag her away from the smashed bodies of squirrels that seem to pile up this time of year.

Thank you for reading my poems,

Holly Day

Short bio: Holly Day was born in Hereford, Texas, “The Town Without a Toothache.” She and her family currently live in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where she teaches writing classes at the Loft Literary Center. Her published books include the nonfiction books Music Theory for Dummies, Music Composition for Dummies, and Guitar All-in-One for Dummies, and the poetry books “Late-Night Reading for Hardworking Construction Men” (The Moon Publishing) and “The Smell of Snow” (ELJ Publications), while her needlepoints and beadwork have recently appeared on the covers of The Grey Sparrow Journal and QWERTY Magazine.