Yet-To Yielding. by Dorian Bell


                                    With standing
                                          to stand
                                     With           or without-me
In       itude
          ice                   in ice
                 Drowned in lips
                            letting loss to even silence
                            loss letting to even valence
                                                                 Ellips …
                                                     Kindly kindling kindred ceasing
                   Seized by warping wrapping ripping wrists
                                                bound in petal-paper
                                         wound in pastel oil-skies
                                                       in vitiated ribs
                                                       huddled about
                                                     a heart lined with
                                                               etching ink

Dorian Bell's skills do not include archery, counting cards, nor helicopter acrobatics. Occasionally he writes things, though he usually does not.