“...you don't tug on Superman's cape
you don't spit into the wind...”
by Floyd Longworth

Once upon a time in the eighties there was a bar just south of Public Square on Ontario called the London (now a parking lot). Bands touring and staying at Stouffer's (also no longer there) would hang out and drink in the working class bar. One morning after a night of getting smashed, on my way home I decided to stop at the London for an eyeopener. As I was walking across Ontario, the door to the London flew open and into the Gray Clevo [1] morn stalked Johnny Rotten. It was during his Peacock colored dreads period and he was on tour with Public Image Ltd. Drunk and giddy with excitement, I pointed directly at him and said the first thing that came to mind: "Johnny Rotten!" I exclaimed. "It's Lydon," he sneered back at me. Ever the drunken, quick witted guy, I retorted: "Johnny Lydon!" "It's Rotten," he shot back passing me by as he made his way across Ontario to Stouffer's.

1. ^ Cleveland.