114 lede

Too Far Gone by Peter Storey

I kick the door in, then I whip my gun Out screaming “Everybody gets their asses Fucking on the ground!” I jack a round Into the chamber, then I blast the roof. I tell the tellers “cash” and from the rest I'm grabbing wallets and I'm grabbing phones. Some girls are crying, one dude's trying to hide That he just pissed his pants, and I am gone.
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(d) The Underside of the Writer's Eye (c) Danielle's Denial, (b) Rant of an Old Wiccan Lady, and (a) Around the Bay Window & In the Chair by Dr. Ernest Williamson III

A. Around the Bay Window & In the Chair.

as the cobwebs of tree limbs crack
falling in white noise;
deep tundra, like frivolity,
hastens to mock nature's muck.
canisters wading in wobbling weeps
made from shades of bats floating with flutter...
fill my imaginations;
all while I sit with my diary;
moving my big blind gray eyes
I sense gay taps;
intermittent and curious ones;
landing near my pinkies. nips and licks
wincing shocks of flowing aches;
letting me know that winter has its peace;
with or without my cadence
in observing my own changes;
in and out of care and wonder
minding life and death simultaneously.

…3 poems. by Born Before

I. In Another World

She smiles; body of the lake.
Those were stars, held in
The hands of her father.

In the body of the lake
There she be. In the body
Of She, only stars, only free.

Brain Fair by A.J. Huffman

Three mental cognition organs wait
on their respective pedestals to be
dunked by onlookers into dumb juice,
Each pondering the series of
events that led them here . . .

The first was pressured
by a vindictive competitor, who made it feel
foolish for its initial refusal to participate.
It shouldn’t have let its ego trigger trip.
Would a yellow label really have been so bad . . .

1-9 by Tendai R. Mwanaka

The number 1 still bores me like James Mukonoweshuro
James Mukonoweshuro was a student in my primary school grades
He always got the top spot, in the class, in the grade
Number 1
Always wanting to be the first, negating out of existence Zero,
or even negating negatives…
Negating negatives was not a positive. Thus 1 minus 2… was… it can’t
They were no negatives or Zero for me at primary school;
to beat James Mukonoweshuro with.
I was always number 2 or worse
2 attracted me, even now. Its angles and curves
I hated 3, because
It wasn’t closer to number 1, like 2 was
It was good to know that even though he was always number 1,
he could feel me at number 2