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Three Problems in the City by Oliver Zarandi

The old woman sat by an old pond. The pond was man made. The ducks were not man made. She had a loaf of bread and a bread knife.

She removed the wooden board from her clutch bag and placed it upon her legs. She started cutting the bread. She had weak wrists and they shook as she sawed through the bread.

Two Poems by Amy Carlberg, of which the first is called Committed.

apologies to elizabeth gilbert.

marriage and pink wigs.
marriage and lost in translation.
marriage and the aloe vera plant slowly dies on the night stand.
marriage and half-eaten strawberries.
marriage and handfuls of cherries.
marriage and not being able to live without avocados.

“Seasoned lovers” by Ashlie Allen

The Oldies station
plays plaintive love songs
as my Newly Wed and I
try not to kill each other
with salt and pepper

“Her hideous craving” also by Ashlie Allen
As I sit in the damp grass
I pretend the stormy distance ahead
is my cat's belly
when she craves something ugly
like me