125 lede

Sunbather by Aje Björkman

AVA MUNSON sits on the beach. She burrows her bare feet deep down in the sand and looks out at the zenith of the sun beating the mellow out of the Pacific. By her side lies a hedgehog.

Why, she thinks and straightens her wrinkled blouse, won't the sun set already.
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The Market Stalls & others in a similar vein, by Christopher Barnes

Darlington sparks into a motley.

     “Guilty of taking part”

Timpani, contortionist, you and me.

     “A steady flow of friends,
     Party members and journalists”

Push or shoves, eye-lash flickers,
Missing hardboiled features.

     “A book called The International Jew”

A full-scope rove. Squall breathy in hair.

“My Darling's Candy Kiss” by C. Denise Simmonds Medina

So…I am twenty-one…and I don’t mind; since I never kissed a man. What a blip…nooo kidding…nooo shame in it...that is just sweet. Without any grieves my choices are good for keeps. And I won’t lose any sleep, either. So making positive choices is great for me. That is the way it should be…but…I want to kiss a man. I want to kiss my husband…I want to kiss a man…I want to kiss my husband...I don’t have to huu…uurry! I don’t have to hurry, huu…uuurry!

Candy kisses from my Darling’s lips…My Darling could not get a kiss from my lips; because I was afraid…you see; afraid to…kiss. He tried with a candy kiss. “Give me a kiss?” He asked. I shyly refused too…“What flavor is the candy in your mouth?” he asked; “Cherry” I answered. “Give me a taste?” He asked. Reaching for it with my fingers gesture.