Derwin Allen's As I arrived outside of hospital doors, body still tender and eyes still closed. My hands clenched and my mouth toothless.

You’re so talented to balance the white lies and the elegant smiles that mask your face at Night, making people fall in love with the idea of the woman you could be. They forgive your sin in the morning.

You make people fall in love with someone they barely know, I know every inch of your spirit and all of your heart.

You’re so beautiful, any man with a brain would be foolish to pass you by without a hello, you know this. You try to avoid the compliments. You might have caught me laughing as I spent the winter alone in my home writing and writing.

I am Derwin Allen, I wish to create a world in other peoples heads that mimics mine. I'm afraid of a lot of things but I share my Fears. My website is My Twitter is @doctorderwin.