“The Spider & I for Breakfast” by Azia DuPont

I dreamt of a spider last night in the bookstore
It was enshrouding bookcases with its web
I want to tell you
I was brave
That I felt
Peaceful harmonious tranquility while both the
Spider and I existed
Or that despite its two foot girth
I was not afraid
That I ate the spider’s head
Diced it up and had it with my morning eggs
That I blended the legs
Into a protein shake
Becoming strong like a Super Human Super Hero
But those are all lies
I ran in the opposite direction
I put a door between
Me and the hideous thing
I thought I was going to die
I pictured the spider effortlessly overtaking me
Fangs straight through my flesh
Crushing my bones
As it cocooned my body within the web
Paralyzed and strung front and center as
I watched her eggs hatch
(The spider became a woman
A mother like me)
Her 300 children eating through my eyeballs
Crawling into my eye sockets
Into my nose and ears
Down my throat
Until I became nothing but a shell
Giving up my last breath
I was finally free

Azia DuPont currently resides in Northern Iowa. She founded Dirty Chai Magazine in 2012. Her writing has recently appeared or is forthcoming in Queen Mobs Teahouse, Similar:Peaks, Calliope Magazine, Peacheslitmag, the Screaming Sheep, Scapegoat Review and others. You can find her online via Twitter @aziadupont.