Dreams by Lefty Lin

She went up and down the block with her briefcase. Door to door like some cheap salesman screaming "I got dreams for sale, Dreams!" All the neighborhood guys saw her in her skirt and bought as many dreams as they could. She kept skipping over my house for some reason, I never understood. That's all right, I wasn't buying at the time anyway. I went outside and my neighbor started talking saying "Oh man you should have seen the dream I bought the other day." He pulled out the box and showed it to me. I looked in and said "John, I don't think that's a dream at all, I'm pretty sure that's just a used condom." John replied "No, but she told me it was a dream, it even says Dream on the box!" I waited around looking for the saleslady to come down the block. After a few days I caught her selling some boxes to Dave in her car. I waited till they were done before I confronted her, I said "Ma'am, I'm curious about these dreams you're selling." She replied, "Oh you are, are you?" I said "Yes I'm worried you're misleading the neighborhood with these boxes of dreams, I saw them and I know it's a scam." "Big deal," she said. "If you're so worried about the neighbors maybe you should stop being such a chicken shit and buy a dream yourself."

Raised in Linden, Lefty Lin is a third generation Lindenite. His grandfather Lefty played running back on the 1934 varsity football team that went unbeaten and unscored upon. At the age of twenty-nine, Lefty Lin has had ten different residences and never left his home town. Furthermore, he intends on traveling a lot but doubts he'll ever stray too far from home.