“In the Boat” w/ another three by Russell Bennetts and Rauan Klassnik

The Messiah cringed in blood. The same old waves. Same seagulls. The same old atheist-gusts of void. The same old unlit star guides the rapids around our boat of thieves.

That wile-old, all-eater connived into bone. It was a palace. And he thrilled to the hate. Thrilled at the marble voids

——(meanwhile, the getaway driver rasped of everywhen your dreams fold )

That rained upon the grass

All the landscape gurgled. All the cows and the crows. Alphas and fat. The king ‘fore the hallucinated light years, light years—and light years.

A midget’s midnight assignation. Whiled away, tips on stage.

———I will love you in my charred lungs

“Daphne Joy”
The Rolling Stones
The Rolling Stones
The Rolling Stones

I've got a female tongue
and a female butt, the embrace

playing Nacht Musik
children in waves

a stray dog, forlon

Tell me conspiracies
Tell me first wave

That Justice image
Tell me the colors
Tell me the womb-star

Easy now, Into Sunsett
Easy, Easy/ I've
Delusional gardens

We’re snake-thumping,
that's it.

“Speculation – What a Motivation”
Furu$shima Love Hotel.
They’ll make cemeteries their cathedrals.
Driven like cattle, the sauntering ratscape of suits.

The Old woman cleans the stairs
While the Old girls make the bed
It could all be a kill chute

Could be a shovel
In cold, brilliant foreplay
A van full of satin

Pillows steeped with cyanide.
Mulch Do
Nothing About.

Russell Bennetts is the editor of Berfrois and Queen Mob's Teahouse. Rauan Klassnik is the author of Holy Land (2008), The Moon's Jaw (2013) and Sky Rat (2014). They are the co-founders of Queen Mob's Teahouse.