Adjacent Species Like You. by Jenson Leonard

for mab
Us drawn nightly
between chiaroscuro,

as lipless evidentials
and notional genitalia.

The body query,
my bedspread left

NSA might miss
this subversion,
the thread count
of our grace.

My clutching Pygmalions's
dulled chisel,
deadened ledgers
exchanged clueless.

Your head braised tender
 in the oven,
the touch of our hands,
warmer still.

Kool-Aid demagogue,
 the tacticians pierced
 navel bound umbilicus
to imbecile,

and my spindled mess of ethernet.
I will awaken with frothing
demand for third wife, and you
 will brush your teeth.

I will tell you "manic pixie dream
 girl" is white man's phantasm,
 140 or less of my character
jotted on the wings of seraphim marginalia,

and away, butterfly,
and goodnight.
Oft' as you'll go

on other beds of air

Jenson Leonard is a Pittsburgh based poet who thinks life should be taken one Drake meme at a time.