Fab Four. by Wesley Cooke

We tell them what they want
They don't know who they are
Find me the next Fab Four
Cries the fat cat – with cigar

Nice little arrangement
Teenage sensation
Don't stop me now
Got a Priory engagement

Thousands of schoolkids
Cram the arena
He's my favourite rapper
Mum's here too – Have you seen her?

Here comes Carlton Chase & his DJ mate – He's
Shopping for something sampling the 80's
My mate can keep his Dubstep Hardstyle & his Grime
This record has that 90's sound – way ahead of it's time

Gonna marry the middle one
Says Shaznay to her friend
Not sure she replies
Think it's the one on the end

This is the end
That is until my comeback
The cover version – Biography
Silly me! Just done that

Wesley Cooke is still currently not living in Southsea. He is extensively published in the Alarmist.