The Represent poem cycle by Dean Doneen

I and you I you with I
Myself, yourself, himself, herself, it
More fictional than morality
Human status?
Identity formed but only known by itself

Empty bottle filled with air
If that’s how that works,
Sits at an angle
Lid on
Label on
Not ready for the dogs

Get ready for the punch line
Unexpected but reasonable
Just as much as us
Anticipating a surprise

Scalene and proportional
The axis shifting made it clear
A graph never drawn
Or even really contemplated
Interruptions from a neutral perspective
Away from an intersecting subconscious

No tragedies experienced
On behalf of others
The narcissist eavesdrops
Just to fail the next attempt

Moving in preparation
For the collision, then entry
The joy of falling
The fear of landing
On your stomach