2 cents gets a no brainer trim. by Nooks Krannie

Haircuts are a big deal when someone grows straws in your head/wrapping a shredded emoji of club soda when you’re not looking/expecting/riding on the hope of fluorescent razors to make a glazed u-turn on your back/how does that even happen? /your back a u-turn freeway?/what is that, like a Picasso of moon landing?/I mean, the truffle-like juice is only a myth/moon-pie I get/but it’s not. so just chill! ‘kay?!/it’s a hoax meant to feed your sea-saw fists with paper moolah & sometimes rubber vomit/I think it’s seasalt/make sure the stalls are public swear words, that way you can text lit-screen ‘as fuck!’ tears to any lawnmower/know it, also non illegally/the way to check is to float each eye with a monotonous plastic duck/sink or swim, the quack! is a urinated river/still/complaints of buzz cuts will always be relevant no matter the amount of crack diets gnawing at your pubic braids/taco tuesday pigtails/two shots of vodka smell on your grassfed bacteria haven/& you’re gold.

Thank me/if your ears itch & survive, but mainly just survive/& exposed/later with a silk dyed tissue box made with mini freak outs of face porn/palm maybe.

Nooks likes people and kindness, sometimes people are not kind and that is sad but also life. She likes being called Nooks. She likes to write words and wants people to read them. nkrannie.tumblr.com