Oh I forgot your name (آه من نامت را فراموش کردم) by Soodabeh Saeidnia

Always there are
Lots of questions
In memory of
My poetry
With a big
Exclamation mark
At the end
Means continued
سوالات بسیاری
در خاطره شعر من
بهمراه یک نشان تعجب
در پایان
یعنی ادامه دارد

A fragile foundation
A dream tower
Of lie

The wisdom ran over
The universe
In the words
And sanctified
The hearts

Every living creature
Breathes in your ocean
Again and again
Like a lover who inhales
The love essence
You! My oxygen

روی پایه ای شکننده
برجی از دروغ
بنا نهاده شد

زمانیکه خرد
گیتی را لبریز کرد
و در واژه ها جاری شد
قلبها تقدیس شدند

هرآنچه زنده است
در اقیانوس تو نفس می کشد
هماره، هماره
همچون عاشقی که
با اشتیاق
عطر عشق را تنفس می کند
تو! ای اکسیژن من

Soodabeh Saeidnia was born in April 1973 in Iran. She received her Pharm.D. (1997) and also Ph.D. of Pharmacognosy from Tehran University of Medical Sciences (TUMS) in 2002. She was Visiting Researcher (2002-2003) at Kyoto University, and was also awarded a Foreign Researcher Fellowship to work as a Research Associate both at Kyoto University (2005-2006), as well as Associate Professor at TUMS (2007-2015) and Visiting Professor at Saskatchewan University, Canada (2013-2014). She has written roughly 150 scientific papers for various academic journals, as well as books in both English and Farsi. She is also interested in English literature and poetry and has published a collection of her poems, Words for myself, in the Farsi language. Now, living in New York with her husband and nine year-old son, she is a freelance researcher, and would like to share her thoughts and feelings with other people. Her recent micro-poems appear on Twitter: @ssaeidnia, under the name Soodabeh (April). Other published poetry includes "Scarecrow" in Sisyphus Quarterly; "Praise", "sufficiency", and "Where is my boat captain?" in LA Libertad; "White Spirit of Africa" in Royal Times; and pieces forthcoming in Her Mind Rocks and 352 Degrees.