HIM by Sumiko Chadwell

The stale water sleeping on the counter
purple flowers racing the dungeon of pine
a bowl of stale almonds suffocating my brain
the empty soap bottle tearing my muscles

but the china cabinet with pens and paper
the soul shaper...
the picture of a little girl
with no frame
Dry sandwiches between my teeth
Always new life above the kitchen sink
The fawn peeking through your jungle

And that smile
Every time that smile
Like drinking cold water too fast
We’re the crooked cut, not the color

My name is Sumiko Chadwell. I am a college student when the day feels right and a closet poet most cold mornings. I enjoy writing when my heart feels the urge and never any more. I enjoy the presence of my dogs and am constantly running around this place called earth with my soul mate. HIM is based on my dysfunctional yet beautiful relationship with my father as a young child.