2 Poems By Grahame Hinton-Barber


Nomolecule iscomplete istheTHING that comprises this moment
NoMORE inthis inthin there is a degree that separates my perception
andit itfits fitsin a FIN separates an ocean
It is a perception of momentum which brings the future- in part- tooooothe
In my mouth is the present and I spit the future.

I know that I know then
Pagan family and viewing theory are going
in favour of careless moon worship

I had a feeling you were being changing
probably getting more out of it too

I want to enjoy my throating,
cripe music; decorative misery.

Grahame Hinton-Barber is a multimedia writer and artist in Toronto, Canada. He is currently working on a collection of zaum poetry, as well as various film and prose projects.