Michael Hrejsa 's 3 Poems

poem #4, "FLOOD MY BLOOD"

i extend my arms
a man raises his and
they fall
from 2" past my elbow
the skin tears off
bone splits and my arms
fall with a bloody thunk

im drinking butane
the man dissolves

a wayward dog consumes my arms
spurting out from the arteries
as if still connected to a heart

im lunch, kill me
my wounds self-cauterize

when i raise my lost fingers
towards the sun

my eyes are covered in sunspots
the wayward dog begins to eat away at me
from the inside out

i am doing push ups against the ground
using my stumps to lift myself up
23 times i say i want to run around in circles
0 times i run around in circles

the butane is digesting
acid and alcohols are bubbling in my throat
a hole burns through the thin skin
saliva pools out of the new orifice

butane and stomach acid (pH below 4)
drip onto my body like burning drool

forth from my chest bursts the dog
heart in mouth

poem #2, "desert dogs"

i devour scorpions in the valley
a midnight sun ignites in my heart
the siren begins to ring across the dunes
reverberating blood against my bones
fearing the manson haunt
a raven begins circling spouting omens
a desert dog growls into the sand
i’m standing on concrete now
this is a bus stop you are with me
a crimson moon dawns along my veins
at 7:32 the bus will arrive
you will embark on the bus i will remain
you fear my haunt i am the man
that vomits liquid fire
there is a distinct tension, as if you know
i am here to assassinate you and
ive already gripped my knife
the siren is deafening my spirit

the bus arrives and you embark and i
remain to forget the details of your voice

a man is devouring scorpions in the valley

poem #3, "sea poem"

i drowned while standing in the shallows
my lungs are filling with sea foam & i think
in that moment ‘this is me at my most natural’

only thing keeping me breathing is those unseen
beasts teething lazily on our ocean-bound corpses
hoping when i start to grind my bones along the
sanded floor, ill meet eye to eye with doom
blackened as a 1am death

but i have my mind left wide open
and ill pray to my ungodly toll
as the monster crushes me
in its maw, unawares