DAWN poetry cycle by Dr. Kapardeli Eftichia

What dawn of !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dreamy meditation
arcane thoughts
hot kisses
pure innocence gifts

Two angels kiss
my cheeks
excess of myrrh
at the time sweet

My fingers diffusely
the colors of doom
scarlet ornaments

Where are the comrades...
Which are the destinations...

Faith, life, hope
compassion, charity
the days are closing their foliage
wings suspended
The last cycle of time!
White... shadows
body of Immortality
look for

The downpour
As the blessing of heaven
the road dust
and the dry land
like new love
suddenly downpour
Οffer reverent

The wealth of the earth
offer reverent
my village soul

In tallest leaf spring
first blossom
hanging the dewdrop

Sun and wind
will soon come and
each time beauty
heart makes heavy

At a time of great heat
the calcined red road
perennial large old trees
earn through the depths of the earth
Travelled years in dust
the crowd
without past and future
a solitary journey

But in my village
mingled bare rocks
and I made steps
mingled stars
and I made the sky
I woke up from the big dream
the fruit of a single
day craves
now my heart


when the sun met
the soul
no bends
in large chambers with
open windows when the
beautiful, slender, uncut
rays invade bare
Pnoes by chanting
sweet, countless times
cyclical tilt in flames
and lay sowings

Do not be afraid
clear skies
tired clouds
always travelling alone
weather wear
the pleasures of the wrist

Spring in a
deadlocks trails
roots stretch
the soil
do not be afraid

The time from the soil
She gave birth to me
time of birth
with light and
after a violent
storm like muddy
flooded blossom
to devour

In yellow rock
the earth's embrace
time carved the day
carved soul
and body

The big secret
the eternal kingdom
in the bowels of the earth
that the mind defines
In country of love
and in older homes
always women travelling
with long hair, fingers that are like lilies
and babies in arms

Light wins
colors proudly
colorful butterflies
same day, spent on the look
the circle separate

And the heart without end
crafted for Spring
innocent and stubbornly
dreamer than waiting
and whispers with life
words made
People always leave alone
from hesitation and fear
beyond the horizon
the kiss of truth
thirsty lips
- -
I have forgotten
places I met
with them, hastily
beyond the horizon
the kiss of truth
thirsty lips
- -
In heaven forever
a star emerges
foreign promise, desire
for the journey
beyond the horizon
the kiss of truth
thirsty lips

In a garden of roses
dreams, aspirations, love
and we poor
stowaways one will
not recognize us anymore
to great sunsets
beyond the horizon
the kiss of truth
thirsty lips

The needle pierces the
buckram sweets
the desire of the soul

Into the paper
tip of a pen
lust dripping sweet...

My heart... sound of leaves
flower where it bloomed
prematurely in branches

Letters of desire in the keys of piano...
leaving with golden ribbon tied up

the notes of a love
Wildflowers embroidered
Hidden Years...

Dr. Kapardeli Eftichia has a Doctorate from the Arts And Culture World Academy. Born in Athens and live in Patras, she writes poetry, stories, short stories xai-kou, essays, and novels.