this chain that quickens into its continuing. by Bridget Boylan

we continue to kill
and cradle each other
trying to contain a dwindling warmth
in our casings—
it was a few nights ago but it always is
over exposed in your flood light

I am always drowning
washed out and confused in your pew
(a sinner)
in the hands of an angry lover

for you
I surrender my will
I split in two to vindicate you
It still isn’t enough.

each half of me softens, molten

shards of mirror pierce the material

of my wanting

and make a pile, passively

in the emptiness

in search of wilderness

in the fields of ultimatum

browning and crisping,
from the tower our home
fades into oblivion

someone strokes my hair.

someone wails.

someone hands me a bouquet.

i turn away.

Bridget Boylan is a poet - musician living and working in Philadelphia. Her work has appeared in Metatron, Hyphen Magazine, Letters to Barnacle, and elsewhere. Her first EP is set to release in early 2017. She posts photos on instagram and occasionally updates her wordpress. You can listen to some of her tunes on soundcloud.