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Kate Carsella's Statler & Waldorf Poetry Cycle

Statler & Waldorf

THOUGH I KNOW YOUR stance on “Dollar / Bill”, this feels apropos. When I do think // of you, I envisage ballet; / Nijinsky, Ballets Russes: // leapt across the stage. Not / anything like it but gaping linen—horizontal.

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Periodic Table. by Colin McGuire

I am thirty three. I am arsenic.
This year, I am poison.
Grief yellowed. Don't touch me.

In reality, I am not deadly
trace quantities of me
are a dietary element.

REALITY FILMED a poem by Sabahudin Hadžialić translated by Anya Reich

Dismal image
of my own imprint in time
that's real
inside  the vision that—isn't,
is desperately in search for
. . .
Queen Elizabeth,
Chatherine, Nikolajevna,
Princess Dianna,
Disappear in front of the eyes
of wild hordes.

Cialis. by Stephen Bett
Ask your doctor.

Fully shopped ad
in your face
above the
gym urinal

Photo of home phone
house keys on table
“W” on the key fob
— let’s call him
Wally    (or Willy)

Digital readout, happy planet
turquoise lettering:
           3:00 PM