157 lede

I Ate. by John McKernan

ALL the spiders
In my father’s coffin

All the termites
In the oak casket
Of my mother

All the worms
That had burrowed
For years to nest in
My brother’s silk pillow
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On the arm of the elm. And [ONE MORE], by Carla-Rosa Manfredino

From the limb of the leaning tree
he chopped and varnished a bench.

He couldn’t bear the way the branch
hung about to fall or grow. He

looked away when the daffodil
browned, its neck bent


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A Poem By Jean Ann Owens

Do You Know Me

I was walking in the Café
Sat down, at the table
Watching outside the right window

hummingbird. & Le Tit. by Lars Lando

she drove
cuz she liked
to dance
and her
breath stunk

After the Storm by Jason Martin

Jake is sitting in the middle of the yard in a lawn chair. The rain had softened but it’s starting up again. Jake has a straight bourbon rocks in one hand. He places it on the white plastic table beside him and goes inside the house and gets his four-iron and then he sits back down in the middle of the yard.