162 lede

this chain that quickens into its continuing. by Bridget Boylan

WE continue to kill / and cradle each other / trying to contain a / dwindling warmth / in our casings— / it was a few nights ago but it always is / over exposed in your flood light // I am always drowning / washed out and confused in your pew / (a sinner) / in the hands of an angry lover
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William C. Blome 's ...3 exceptional poems

At My Banquet

The ice sculpture’s melting down at my banquet,
my cavalier’s sword’s become just a dirk,
and each of us are laying bets on the precise time
there’ll be only a puddle left on the floor.

A Clerical Poetry Biptych by Joan McNerney

Recently Unemployed

His days marched in place
days like tin soldiers each one
pushing the next aside.

Hurry, hurry before it is too late...
inside a gaping hole to be filled.

Harry Ricciardi's i still write love poems

i was just really lonely
and you were nice
is it usually different?
i don’t know a lot about romance
why’d you stop being nice?

The Figure 3. by Michael Paul Hogan

A train
slick and dark
Chicago bound

racing the dawn
through cities
picked out like stars,

figured with ghostly faces
wrapped in light
and rain.