Subfornical Organ by Rubino del Sur

These letters reflect the Subfornical Organ debate between Rubino del Sur and Peter Friggin-Freund on the new organ practices that became part of our day.

Dear Mr. Sur:

I take the assertion that PhysMyth could pee with its mouth to be mere confusion of orifice, not a symbol of society and art so much as a cannibalism of its government, of which complex urinary speech affects neither. To say that it split off a transformational kidney and evolved a third brain gives us grave reservations about reviewing your work which shows no sign of external standards or review.

P. Friggin-Freund, DDS

Dear Dr. Friggin-Freund:

It is the essence of Bibliotosis sir, where a societal hybrid turns its kidney into a brain, that secretude of peptide mind and posterior heart in uric speech that pees with its mouth. When the kidney had passed onto the Web, no further analogyevolved. It were harsh indeed to say they had magical properties akin to the urim and thummim when it walked with giants on the earth. This supposes memories were retained of its expulsion. Spirits with bodies, bodies with spirits, the upper classes still believe them. It was a shock to the establishment when first dug up and the shields displayed, which argued something had been missed.

As a counterfeit wolf with a wig would pass for a bear, not that a wolf assumes to call the bear fake, it represents a series of attitudes and prerogatives that dare to define a new reality utterly different from that ordinary one of caves and holes and black blood. It has gone global, and while it looks like a man, it is no more a man as classically defined than it ever was. Please allow us to forego at this time saying exactly what is a man. Change the appearance and you change the life. Not so, but it seems so.

I am,
Rubino del Sur

Dear Rubino:

Have you invented this literature?

Let me suggest you circulate your fantastic physiology among those magazines which can give a fuller sense of what external standards obtain, and please find a local physiology workshop of peer-criticism. Both exercises will impart some humility, which I, for one, find notable in its absence in writing that I find so far from that nature.

P. Friggin-Freund, DDS

Dear Dr. Friggin-Freund:

Physiology is a malady of vasoconstrictive blood that created this language dysfunction of anti-diuretic stuff. The odor voids the bismuth substitute. Science has argued long and loud about PhysMyth, but even those workers who wore radiometric monitors were caused to suppurate.

The hairless homosaps proved not to be so unevolved as first thought. Surely you can see how linguists invented this link to the uric world. Posterior heart and third brain! Take it as you will. Fluids were needed to de-verb that inner world from sneeze.

Squirts! Innard verse! Opposites! Uresis had social effects. Volumes of spine poety! PhysMyth fled the glycemic. Anti-diuresis cooked crystal in the shell, spread to the brain! That explains the double need to hold it in. Praxis compressed a carapace to put the bit down, but won’t it come up?

The body is white mottle, spindle shanked. Which is why it grew a shell to give it hide. The shell outside went under rib as leather scute overlay. This lasted until it peeled. Naked or not, nobody has seen it. Further decadence of this world perused in many places averts eyes from the flash and from revulsion. This is the fifth placement. I would stop writing this stuff if I could figure out what it is about.

Yours truly,
Marino Rubino del Sur

Dr. Rubino del Sur is a physiologist who has also written tellingly of the invention of soccer. To send this correspondence of various identities of urinary speech to those bases in the west can further enlighten a modern constituency. The mere presence of the jawbone is so important now that the head has been made secondary to the vertebrate. If this seems just another pharyngeal twist it is part of the science also contributed here.