Two Tasty Dishes by Jan Wiezorek

“Sippy Cup”

We need force
to open a tin,

tear a packet,
switch on nostrils.

You breathe
the beginning

of desire
in plantation mint.

My honey bear
slides a spoonful

into your sippy cup.
Hot liquid

presses against
the roof.

We tuck it there
for seconds.

My eyes intercede
for yours.

“Sugared Orange Slices Under Glass”

obscure themselves
in pressed glass

that teases your thumb
as it rubs
the squeaky surface

below a castellated ridge
before climbing down
into the dish

and grabbing up
candied appearances
that dissolve

in sucking sounds
until what remains
is you grinning

at me,
both of us

Jan Wiezorek has taught writing at St. Augustine College, Chicago, and his poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in the London Magazine, Southern Pacific Review, Bindweed Magazine, Panoplyzine, Better Than Starbucks, and Schuylkill Valley Journal. He is author of Awesome Art Projects That Spark Super Writing (Scholastic, 2011) and holds a master's degree in English Composition and Writing from Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago.