To Myself on the First Time by Makenzie Nokes

Sunken Apple and Honey Cake [Versunkener Apfelkuchen]
Adapted from; adapted from the German cookbook
Unser Kockbuch No.1

My changes to this recipe were to drop the flour a bit because my first cake was quite dry and stiff, to reduce the cooking time quite a bit, replace just under half the sugar with honey and to brush the cooled cake with a slated honey glaze. This glaze, once the cake is cooled, will stay glossy atop the cake for about an hour, but after that will sink in. No harm, of course, but if you’d like above all else a glossy cake, you’ll want to brush the honey on closer to the time you serve it. The cake is just mildly sweet, thank goodness, so the honey glaze does not overwhelm it. As I mentioned earlier, I did not put any cinnamon or pie spices in this, but I don’t think it would be terrible with shake or two of it for fragrance, although it is not traditional. (I think of cinnamon doused cakes as much more of an American taste.) Finally, like a lot of cakes with large chunks of fruit baked into them, this cake is even better on the second day, and almost sticky moist on the third—it totally understands when you have a busy week and need to get a head start on your

Makenzie Nokes is a middle school English teacher at an international school in Mumbai, India. She mostly writes creative nonfiction and is glad her writing will finally be appreciated by someone other than 11-14 year olds.