Evidence of Your Yuung Ones by C. Denise Simmonds Medina

My Mame is a beautiful and strong woman; nobody can stand her, because she protects her yuung as a roaring courageous lioness in a dangerous jungle. Her weakness is only whenever her male lion partners dominates her; but the other lionesses and endangered species know that she is stronger than an ox and they don’t mess with her and her yuung ones. She is special, because she is boldly good; and she is generous to others in need. I want her to be perfect all time in everything; but ye... ees—she is perfect in my youthful eyes. My gem Mame... you are loved, because you are wonderful; and you are important, from the star... in all of our hearts. This is who you are forever... documented in all reports... the reports of your love ones memoir... to last forever and ever.