Hug God by Connie Bedgood

One Wednesday night I was feeling kind of low and setting on the couch when my youngest son, wife, and my eighteen month granddaughter stopped by on their way to church.

As Nina was setting on the couch, I asked, “Where are you going Nina?”

“To the heavens,” she answered. I was amazed at the answer and so were her parents.

One more question, “What will you do at the heavens, Nina?”

Her reply made me feel great:

As she hugged herself she said, “Hug God!”

Connie Bedgood has been published in Good Old Days, Screamin Mamas, the Penman Review, the Indiana Voice Journal, Nostalgia Zine, Section 8 and Conceit Magazine. Some of her stories were published in a book called Lake Texoma, Volume 1. In 2017 so far, she has had stories in Sacred Cow Magazine, won third place in a writing contest, and will be published in Screamin Mamas again. The Stray Branch will publish one of Connie's strange stories in 2018, and a nonfiction story will come out in Christian Living in Mature Years.