Midnight yearning. by Ankita Anand

Your body
Middle-of-the-night Maggi*

Soft warm noodles-comfort food
Has me soothed

And yet not full.

So I am always left feeling
I could've done with more keeling–
Pea flowers and joined palms
Sliding thighs and knotted arms–

When finding it difficult to breathe
We could’ve bloomed, open as gasping seas.

*I try not to think of lead when I am thinking satin

Ankita Anand is a writer-poet-performer based in Delhi, India. Her poems have been chosen to be part of an anthology featuring forty Indian poets below the age of forty, and her poetry and prose have won in competitions organised by Singapore Poetry, and Sampad Arts, UK. An archive of her publications can be found here: anandankita.blogspot.in.