Grab Bag Mug by Steven Translateur

Yed Gerthmer poured some orange juice into the mug he won at the keno tournament. He served it to his neighbor Fersia Gansun who was visiting for an afternoon snack.

“They said that the mug is blessed,” said Yed. “They may have just have been joking.”

Fersia sipped the juice. “Tastes fine though,” she said. “And what an adorable cat it has on its side. I believe it's an image of a purebred!”

“Who knows,” said Yed. “Anyway, they said that the mug brings good luck. Why don't you try to do something that requires luck and see the results.”

“I shall,” said Fersia.

And later that day she purchased five lottery tickets. One of them won five-hundred dollars the next day!

She reported the result of the experiment to Yed.

“Outstanding,” he said. “Let us try it again.”

So he poured Fersia five cups of orange juice and she drank it all and then spent the afternoon peeing. But she bought some lottery tickets also. Again, a winner! A thousand dollars this time. She rushed over to Yed's home. “I won,” she said. “The magical mug really works. I brought over more orange juice to fuel it.”

This time she drank three quarts of it, thinking that the more juice the more the winnings would be.

The lottery did not let her down. She picked up another two-thousand dollars with a quick pick.

“I want to retire,” declared Fersia. “And your mug is going to make it happen.”

On the fourth try of the mug experiment, Fersia drank two gallons of lucky orange juice from the “magical” mug. Then she purchased five-thousand dollars worth of lottery tickets.

She imagined what she was going to do with all the dough: buy a sleek new sports car—take an expensive vacation to Aruba—have that hot tub finally installed—have that deck finally installed—buy that expensive purebred cat that is always loyal to its owner—go to a premium spa—donate to her favorite causes including Save the Whales—buy a studio to record her new album, Sparrow Marrow—acquire a fantasy island to place her aviary with macaws and private botanical yards with flower gardens for roses and carnations and begonias—obtain a one-hundred and fifty foot yacht with a crew and sail the ocean blue—enroll in private tutoring of languages—have private tutoring in physics to help her become the next Marie Curie—buy her own airplane with a flight crew so she could fly wherever she wanted and travel the world over—open her own business selling crafts such as unique candles and figurines—build a dream home with twenty rooms and landscaped grounds with a fountain and pool and tennis arenas—hire three escorts for a night of heaven!

Two of the tickets won!

Fersia married Yed Gerthmer; and now she believes in magic and luck.

Steven Translateur's work has appeared in a variety of publications including Memes, Mind in Motion, and Next Phase.