181 lede

Secrets in the Poison by Kat Devitt

MABEL WAITED in the corridor crumpled on the floor, as crumpled as the taffeta of her wedding dress. She pressed her back against the wall for certainty, wanting to merge with the wood. Rivulets streamed down her cheeks onto her netted veil. She stared ahead at the wallpaper’s print, fixated on a lark among the peace lilies, singing her song for all to hear.
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Woodland Hall, Autumn 1981 by Mark Benedict

She kissed him by degrees. Smiling, inching closer, pausing just to torture him, apparently, then zooming in. Her perfume was as stirring as her lips. Afterwards, Will didn’t know what to say. It was a Sunday night and they were standing outside the bar, strangers turned sweethearts. Will blurted that she smelled like meadows. Lisa’s face, lightly freckled, with rabid dark eyes, scrunched in confusion. But then she smiled slyly and removed the green bow from atop her caramel curls and rubbed it against her neck.

all the offal love. by Ali Whitelock

when it all draws to a close––

Hike. by J. W. Burns

Bears hang over garbage cans.
Their pink tongues licking a dry sunrise,
they are the potboilers quaffing attention.
We slap 'em with secret smiles, lace up,

pass beside the river drawing rooms
full of foothills, these stuck in brightening fat.
We wring out sweat, sip, chew, cross
the water, able to walk without moving.

Motionless Life. by Dr. Kapardeli Eftichia

Land of promises, body at rest
Inside the light fills my soul
sleeping royal colors fragrances
in the vein races,
my little town

The purple of youth I met passing
old houses in the open windows
the words soul and silence
weigh, in the deep battle

The Sun is constantly changing angles
And all over the world travel
Innocence and guilt for a miracle
kiss me, to wake me up me sleeps