The Bedroom with Shakespeare's Backs. by Viktoriya Banul

The bathroom, seamed, stretched out.
And, all respect to the denouement,
Dick, once more unlimited in his powers
with little stepping stones, was only in
the bedroom with Shakespeare's backs.

The horrible kiss, long and unfunny,
and on the other hand love: the face,
comically shadowed, contracted.

Walking, thinking, fishing
was amusing. So, as an American hero,
a funereal father, in
blurry low talk, raising
from the ground,—
discovered the office guy
in a fatal phone conversation.

Small dialogue with a wife,
plenty of glamorizing like
someone left the room to return
to finish what was already told.

Beautiful is a retro car vanishing
in the pitch black or navy night,
to which we were brought back
to face the wall together.

Fishing, thinking, walking
touching the water deep
thinking: the comic ideal:
a very American screen-hero:
a golden retriever-hero
with his family upstate.

And the blonde to tell the story:
only, with a plain, orange face
from time to time.