today. by Bridget Boylan

my black & blue
& vapid heart

yr spit in my face
in a not sexy way

the coffee I bought
slapped out of my hand
all over my shoes // now

terror such
an animal
guarding the doorway
towering over my small body
that can no longer breathe
or exit the room

every time I write something down.
i hear your voice telling me how
fucking stupid i am

                         every single time I look in the mirror.
                         your laugh becomes the silence
                         in the furl of my mouth

                         everyone in a room.
                         but no one can do what you do

Bridget Boylan is a poet - musician living and working in Philadelphia. Her work has appeared in Metatron, Hyphen Magazine, Letters to Barnacle, and elsewhere. Her first EP is set to release in early 2017. She posts photos on instagram and occasionally updates her wordpress. You can listen to some of her tunes on soundcloud.