Alexander Guzman, a poem by Joseph Buehler, but first Cowboy Poetry by the same

Cowboy Johnson
couldn’t take it any more,
so he went out to the prairie
and rammed a six-shooter into
his mouth and blew his brains out.

He left this final poem:

“I can’t take it anymore,
so I’m a-gonna go out
to the prairie and ram a
six-shooter in my mouth
and blow my brains out.

        “Cowboy Johnson.”

Alexander Guzman
Oh no! I’ve flunked fifth grade again!
                —Alexander Guzman at age thirteen.

Alexander Guzman contemplated the snow and found that it was cold.

That snow is cold!
                —The grown-up Alexander Guzman.

Alexander Guzman tripped over a rock and fell head first onto the hard concrete.

That concrete is hard!
                —Alexander Guzman

Alexander Guzman was thrown by a horse and landed on his right shoulder in some mulberry bushes.

I hate that dirty horse!
                —Alexander Guzman

Alexander Guzman was (one fine day in the month of April) almost obliterated by a Mack truck. It missed him by mere inches.

That was a close call!
                —Alexander Guzman

(For the further exploits of Alexander Guzman please see his book, “The Further Exploits Of Alexander Guzman!” by Alexander Guzman.)

Joseph Buehler is a two time finalist for the Adelaide Literary Award in poetry (NYC) for February and October 2018, has published in Australia (Otoliths), Dublin (H.C.E Review), London (Sentinel Literary Quarterly), and the USA in The Tower Journal, North Dakota Quarterly, Common Ground Review, Mad Swirl, ArLiJo and elsewhere. He lives in Georgia with his wife Trish.