A Bourbon King. by
Ann Privateer,
preceded by The Bathrobe.
and followed by Change the Perception.

The Bathrobe.
Hers has a hole
In the place
Where a nipple

Makes you
Wonder if there
Was a strategy

How do things
Happen or not
Like so many

To stop and to take
Notice of the be
All and the end

A Bourbon King.
Clovis and Clotilde
Henry and Louis
Cousins and patriots
Sylvie at the door
Where France became
A Christian country
A new chosen people
For David.

Change the Perception.
Me, my hair, and I
Live on and in
My head, a thought
For every hair
Doomed to go gray
From too much

Ann Privateer is a poet, artist, and photographer. Some of her work has appeared in Third Wednesday, Manzanita, and Entering to name a few.