Love Song. by B.J. Wilson

Whenever I’m alone…—The Cure
Another night heron flew through my rib cage and left behind
its reflection, but no one ever wades into a slough with an alligator.

When I thought she might have wanted me, I shot my load
over my shoulder, but she was only interested in my shoulder’s leaves.

A Southern copperhead winds across the top of my waitress’ breasts.
Calling from the reeds, boy red-winged black birds spread their tails.

One night, alone in his room, a drunk Jesse James pistoled holes
into the tavern’s wall because of the pattern of birds on the curtains.

B.J. Wilson holds an MFA from Eastern Kentucky University, a writing fellowship from The Hambidge Center for Creative Arts and Sciences, and a Pushcart Prize Nomination for his poetry. His poems have appeared in The Chaffin Journal, Exit 7, Gravel, The Main Street Rag, New Madrid, Tar River Poetry, Valley Voices and elsewhere. His first collection of poems, the chapbook, Tuckasee, is forthcoming from Finishing Line Press in 2020. His EP project, Electric Beach, was recorded under the band moniker, Installations. He is a Visiting Assistant Professor at Jacksonville State University in Jacksonville, Alabama, where he teaches English and creative writing.