An Elegy for the Gopalpur Beach. by Pitambar Naik

There needed an acclamation
or a Midas touch of soft elegy
for the Gopalpur beach

in the foamy auras the blue acrylics
of a longitudinal canvas, that’s phlegm
drenches in acid fumigation.

It’s scheduled for you
to hang out with shells, conches and
rainy titillation wrapped in polyethylene
the adolescent breeze from
the mouth of whales
bursts to collide with repulsive shore.

The innumerable sensitivities
of aquatic creatures
forget the antique touch, kiss
and the bare toes of the full moon.

Furthermore, the blue
with panoramic bed wraps flutter
all seasons quietly dejected

the abandoned bodies of dolphins
sometimes drift to the sandy flesh
to be wrapped
in the tidal condolences.

Pitambar Naik is an award-winning poet and writer from India and the author of The Anatomy of Solitude, a book of poetry (Hawakal Publishers, Kolkata). His work is forthcoming in The World Belongs to Us (HarperCollins India) and has appeared in Glass: A Journal of Poetry, Cha: An Asian Literary Journal, Voice and Verse Poetry Magazine, Vayavya, Literary Orphans, Stag Hill Literary Journal, Mad Swirl, Occulum, The Mark Literary Review, Mojave Heart Review, Best Indian Poetry, The Turnpike Magazine and The Oddville Press among others.