The Weight of a Corn Soup. by Yi Jung Chen, but first...
Number Calling Machine

In a high-pitch voice,
you called out my number.
Stayed in a long queue I await,
No chorus echoed in the crowded bank
Till a baby’s squall raid over the scene.
Mother pacified her edgy mood with a magic trick,
a humming too difficult to resist.
Hurray, with a chirping sound,
Smile resonates with the chucking sound,
you brought peaceful Spring back to life.

The Weight of a Corn Soup.
With a tempting aroma,
As a matchmaker between Wine and Steak.
Creamy rivulets meander glistening yellow horizon,
Light sweetness steal away the heart of tongue palate.
Till a waiter retrieve the empty bowl,
A new panorama hereby unfolded an interlude of
sizzling sounds too enticing to ignore.
Steak appears in a glamourous manner.
Wine gives the command and
shouts out in a full-scale retreat.

Besides teaching pupils with learning difficulties at Dounan Elementary School in Taiwan, Yi Jung (Jolene) Chen has collaborated with other teachers in writing illustrated books in Chinese, English and Japanese. She earned a doctoral degree from Graduate Institute of Education in National Chung Cheng University. In her leisure hours she writes poems in Englishm, Chinese, and Taiwanese. Provided given the opportunity, she would like to have her poems published by a reliable agent and share her work with people around the globe.

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