10 Ways to Trap... by Winston Plowes

Methodology – The first line and prompt of The Squawk Back has been subjected to Jean Lescure's Oulipian process of N+7. In the lines below, all nouns have been replaced by other nouns following x entries after the original in a dictionary. In line 1 x = 0, line 2 x = 1, line 3 x = 2 etc.

Trapping a pair of singers in a bank
Trapping a pal of single-deckers in a banker
Trapping a palace of singlets in a banking
Trapping a palate of sinks in a banknote
Trapping a pale of sinkers in a bankroll
Trapping a palette of sinners in a bankrupt
Trapping a palindrome of sinuses in a bankruptcy
Trapping a palisade of sips in a banner
Trapping a pall of siphons in a banister
Trapping a pallbearer of sirs in a banquet
Trapping a pallet of sires in a banshee

As Beguiler of words, Come Dada Etymologist Winston Plowes’ exceptional word-Flare has Garnered Him praise In Journals worldwide, some Knowledgeable and respected, others alternatively Loquacious. His More traditional Numbers Often Please varied audiences and have Qualified for prizes. Resident poet School Teacher and University lecturer, Winston recently featured on The Verb Wireless show for the BBC and eXpressed his true desire to make art not war with Your words and his with irrepressible Zeal.