Fuskan Annuri. by Rabiu Muhammad Shuaib

At a moonless lightless night
Appears the lightening light 

To lighten the balls on a delightful face 
Just like a Luminary to the dark Space

The sided cornered oculi
Adds to the Jewel in this great work of Rubin Andy

And the shape of the Shebab; 
Brings a ġawisu out of a shell 

Hmm, 21st century!
Again hail I Andy, Miner, Sears and; Mark 
As connected the countenance of two you have 
Giving room for rain of love in rooms

Knoweth do I as she TAPS through the potato seed-buds 
The ocean of love for the heart bug

Rabiu Muhammad Shuaib is 24 years old, and by June 2021 he would be 25. He is a graduate in English Education from the Bayero University – Kano, Nigeria. Rabiu is currently writing a novel entitled The End Refused to Come a story about a society/nation which is undeveloped because no "standard education" is employed.