A White Egret. by Anindita Sarkar

A small white egret, beguiling beautiful
her wing-blades swallowed air
everytime she weighed the sky
You fell for her, took her home
away, from the lush greens and emerald blues
She smiled for you, she wanted to,
To bring you pleasure unbound,
a liminal existence, she didn’t quite care
she danced for you, watching the summer tiptoe
though her feet craved for the wetlands.
But you didn’t allow her to savour
the first slender threads of hail
she suspended her happiness,
but her wings missed the buoyancy.
You callously trapped her in a glass cage,
for your short-sighted satisfaction
Yes, you wanted to tame her
your love was blended with mistrust,
her wings cranked, she bled for you
yet she was there, numb in pain
a leash gagged her speech
she breathed her last,
you served her flesh to the vermin,
unfurling the dizzying depths of pride in your eyes,
Perhaps you never loved a bird in flight.

Anindita Sarkar is a Research Scholar from India. Her works have appeared in The Bombay Review, Litbreak, Kitaab International, Poetry Potion Review among others.