In good faith, my good fate. by Davis Varghese

Two of them at work.
Glassine drops of sweat,
mirror the shine from the pit below.

Radiating fractal patterns of light,
a diamond,
disemboweled with furious strokes of the spade,
sends a shiver of excitement,
down the spine. For one.

For the other, its labor gone down the pit.
A dark hollow in the earth,
with a meshed grille of jagged roots,
Screams back - Fruitless!

Same field,
same implement,
same dig,
In good faith, my good fate, I labored, why then?

Davis Varghese is an IT professional with several tens of years of global experience under his belt. But yes, writing is a passion and he moonlights with novels and poetry whenever inspiration gives him a chance. He can be reached at and his novels can be found at Amazon.