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Self-Transcendence For Bahraini Teens by Arianna Reiche

You appear in your mother when she is in her mother’s womb. Before they’re even born, girls have all the eggs they’ll ever have, and so you come into being in the year of your grandmother’s pregnancy. You have two birthdays. You absorb ideas from previous generations; of course you do. A folksy saying that your father got from his mother who got it from her uncle might come out of your mouth without any intentional effort. I say ‘scuttlebutt’ not to sound cute: I say it because that’s what it is. Scuttlebutt.
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Meet the critically endangered red wolf. Native to the southeastern U.S., the red wolves' numbers began to thin in the 1900s due to habitat loss and persecution. They are still hunted by ranchers who erroneously view them as a threat to livestock. There are only 20 to 25 left in the wild. If you would like to help the red wolf, visit fws.gov/project/red-wolf-recovery-program and spread the word about the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's Red Wolf Recovery Program.