A Life Recorded Entirely On CCTV. by Jenkin Benson

there are five muted trumpets hanging
from the ceiling in the hallway of
my apartment two more in the stairwell
they play a frequency which causes the
microplastics within me to quiver

and quicken and ricochet the sensation
is painfully forward like when you wake
up after a night of eating too many seeds
of all things the atoms cause solicitude
and incontinence so i hurry downward

to the washroom of the bar or maybe
bodega im not confident below my apartment
i don’t think i can hear the horns anymore
but the disconfiding buzz of the automatic soap
dispenser sounds like a flugel mouthpiece

i suspect the tone is being played by less
visible non-brass mechanisms as well and that is
probably why i don’t cook food that requires
you to look down for more than a few minutes
and run up stairs skipping every other stair

and take pictures of my friends’ ovens whenever
i leave their parties so i know their ovens are off and they
won’t dessicate in the night because the thrum is
stridulating out of seltzer bottles and laptop chargers
EFG#ACC# 32nd notes in an exhausting 18/8 time

Jenkin Benson is a 2nd year PhD student at the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana. He principally studies the creative interchange between Welsh and Irish modernists and tracks the development of nationalistic Anglo-Celtic poetry, focusing on writers like David Jones and W.B. Yeats. You can find his work in New Note Poetry, The /temz/ Review, KEITH LLC, Deep Wild Journal, and UC Irvine's Faultline.

Jenkin can be found on Twitter @jenkinwithouts

He also produces music which can be downloaded at jasperisaband.bandcamp.com