klara. by Miley Lu | 卢兆东

i feel hung by the ribs

the sunlight coming down tattered
around the muntins

making golden quadrilaterals on the tiles

draping over me
like piss on porcelain

a ready-made made ready
for your eyes alone

air coming out of my lungs
from all directions

always fighting to be
the last breath out of this body

i tilt my chest up
just so it won’t hurt so much

i read a book about a murder

she had her heels drilled
so the blood could flow out of her

the killer was a cannibal

girl jerky, he made, girl jerky

and the sound when he tore
her meat off her bones

on these days i lay with my legs dangling

hoping the humors of my conduits
will humor me enough

to make this the last time i hurt

and the liquid running through me
the crackling of my individual nerves

each tendril hissing through gritted teeth
until they tire themselves out

everything simmers
at the end
of a day like that

i read a book about the sun

and how he mends robot girls
if you just learn to ask nicely

he’ll piss his light all over you
as long as you beg and hurt and love

like the robot girl in the book
who saved your life with her own

and rusts away in heaven’s junkyard

Miley Lu | 卢兆东 is a queer Asian-American poet, artist, and drag-performing creature from many places, all of which she calls home. She is an undergraduate at Vassar College. Her work is forthcoming from Empty House Press and Stanchion. Twitter @mileylu_