2 Poems by Partha Sarkar

Never will I share

The fragrance of the nightmare.
Meet one another
My dreams I dream
But find no others’ addresses
And take the different routes
Leaving the waterhole for me
But never will I go to it
As I am thirsty
And never will I plough in rainy season
Collecting water from it
As I will plough in draught
As a rainless companion leads to the final reservoir.

Comes a great significance
To meet the rendezvous
After blaming the interviewer.
‘Every problem can be solved
If it is put on the table’- a faint voice.

The meeting place at dusk
And a series of discussions
And the end of conflicts?

Floats the sea-gull
And funerals the dead the dead body-
A significant significance.
But who takes the drug?

Becomes one sanctified
After beating the drum of
The ghoul.

Partha Sarkar, a resident of Ichapur, a small town of a province West Bengal of India, a graduate writes poems being inspired by the late Sankar Sarkar and his friends, especially Deb Kumar Khan, to protest against the social injustice and crime against nature. His poems have been in different magazines both in Bangla and in English. At once, he would believe in revolution but now he is confused because of obscurity of human beings though he keeps fire in soul despite.