The obsessive-compulsive disorders. by Partha Sarkar

Goes so far the pond with nostalgia.
Comes home the last jester with no smiles
And as usual state with bloodlessness
And weather report with heat waves.

The volatile figure in the solid tunnel
And the tunnel is already sold.
The obsidian and the opaque glasses.
But who should be seen by the obscurity?

The Magi from manger
And complex method by geometry
But they should look into the cover letter
Before stopping preaches.

Partha Sarkar, a resident of Ichapur, a small town of a province West Bengal of India, a graduate writes poems being inspired by the late Sankar Sarkar and his friends, especially Deb Kumar Khan, to protest against the social injustice and crime against nature. His poems have been in different magazines both in Bangla and in English. At once, he would believe in revolution but now he is confused because of obscurity of human beings though he keeps fire in soul despite.