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My Bellybutton by Jonah Eller-Isaacs

MY BELLYBUTTON is amazing. It is a mysterious gastrointestinal portal. It is beautiful, and shapely, and inward-looking, and it is powerful. My bellybutton is remarkable. It creates more lint than a dryer. I have no need for a lint catcher. Why would I need something I can create in my own time, with nothing but my body and the clothes on my back?
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Subway Stop by Kayla O'Connell

“What would you do if I gouged my eyes out? Right here in front of you?”

The Adventures of Bob by Bill Choate

Bud Oliver drove up in his old, much used Ford pick-up, parked and got out a little slow; Bud was no spring chicken.

A Cheating Heart by Holly Zeches

The young lovers fell in love and spent years wrapped in each others arms. The days blended together and time became rich parcels of memory. Pictures overflowed, each one a snapshot of emotion on their journeys through life. The tracks along which they traveled gradually began to lie across their brows, in furrows of yesterdays and mundane responsibilities. But the lines along their mouths told of happiness and joy. Theirs was a love unparalleled. But unbeknown to them there was a fallen tree in the road ahead and they drove unaware, staring out the window and glancing back at each other. They drove holding hands and enjoying the path they had chosen.

I'm a Good Girl by Van Phung

So this is how it goes. “Take a deep breath,” he said. “Breathe deep cause this might be the last breath you take.” I closed my eyes and pictured my lungs inside my mind. I inhaled all the air my lungs could handleit was the most thoughtful breath I have ever taken.

Signs on the Road by Michael Barrineau

"30 minutes ‘til we're there right?" It’s a sign that really says, "Well I guess this is the end of the night right?"