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31 lede

Letter to Dorian
by Edward Armstrong 

I  am a villain of my times; I wish I’d done it differently. I care little for how I should have acted in such a situation, but I know my reaction was unnecessary. I am hunted by a pack of vicious dogs like a hare on an estate in Southern England during the enchanting season of freezing woods. here to READ MORE

Afloat on a whole grain cheerio! by Matthew Harris

Mom called out my name as she madly dashed out the kitchen door!

“Matthew,” you need to get ready for school AT ONCE!

Mister Gruff (the grizzled bearish bus driver) just honked the horn! He will not wait!

“Orson, La Di Dah” by Cheryl Spinner

“Oh, golly, miss molly,” says a Rita
To her sweeta,