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40 lede

The Rest We Give to Fire 
by Sean Schemelia

In the blue morning, I found little reason not to roam the gridded cemetery. With a sober mind and closing eyes, I buried my ego once more, not far from my father's father and bride. He died when I was a boy, but old Rosie still needed to love. Jimmy was a good man, and he grabbed my wayward grandmother by the reins. here to READ MORE

“They’re Usually Indifferent To Overcome”: An Aesthetic Statement on the Novel. (A Series of Image Scenes Tumbling Apart).
by Shane Jesse Christmass

“Nobody’s Pawn” by Jonas Kyle-Sidell

Screw you, let the light fall
where it may. It’s not my fault
I abhor symmetry – each concedes

don’t let depression

a little distraction. . . Ah the hell with it, hang your picture

get in our way.